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From Across the Sea [Aug. 27th, 2013|06:49 pm]
It's been over a year since I posted. Eek. Considering I check LJ everyday I should probably post more often.

Graduated with my triple major. I'm hoping to start hardcore researching graduate schools soon. Applications will probably begin next year though really I should start applying this year. :/

Went to Hawaii for the archaeology convention this past April. I'm hoping that I can go to the one in Austin next year. I think I'll be able to if I can save up enough for a trip home during that time. We'll see. I was honestly planning on waiting to go back home until July.

Currently I'm living in Japan. I'm on an island off the Southern Island of Kyushu. So, I'm in Kumamoto Prefecture on the rather small island of Amakusa, in the conglomeration of towns known as Amakusa-city, in the joining of a bunch of tiny villages known as Kawaura-town, in the tiny-ass Ichoda-village.

The 'big' town on the island has a population of like 40,000. It feels like a city. My location is pretty great though. I'm easily in walking distance to the post office (which is also my bank), the grocery store, and a collection of various shrines. My apartment building is literally next door to an onsen.

My schools are a 30 minute drive, which to a Texan isn't that bad but here it's a big deal. Two of my schools are in Amakusa-machi, despite its name that's not the big town. My drive to Amakusa-machi takes me through ten tunnels. TEN. I've maybe been through 3 in my life before that. And I go through TEN. TWICE a day. Except for the days that I drive down to Ushibuka for my third school. Ushibuka is the second largest town in Amakusa but has nowhere near as many perks as Hondo, the big town. Hondo is also about 30 minutes away. To get to the largest nearby city takes about 3 hours. That's Kumamoto-shi. It's a huge city on par with Fukuoka and other major Japanese cities. It even got its own shinkansen last year or the year before.

I've gone out a bit here but I still have a lot of exploring to do. There's four shrines I want to visit in my town alone. And then there's two Catholic churches in my town. My island, especially my town, is famous for Christianity and rebellion. Its namesake Amakusa Shiro is a Christian martyr though he's not a Catholic saint, yet. :(

Life here takes a bit of adjusting since it's so damn rural. I'm one of two foreigners in the 30 minute radius. And most of the population is elderly. There's lots of abandoned buildings and overgrown roads here. And everything closes down around 4 when I get done with work. I get off work early compared to my co-workers. Luckily Hondo isn't too far away and it operates much like a city. But I haven't gone into Hondo much yet. I'm still poor. Bills, bills, bills. :/

I don't have proper internet yet, either. Finally got an update on that today though. Minimum of ten days. But internet is on the way. I'll be able to watch videos again. And browse at an appropriate speed. :D I'm so very excited. Also, in a couple of days the data on my phone will reset and I'll get my awesome fast internet back on my phone. That'll help. Any little bit helps in the boonies. XD

I'm sure there's lots more but I've got lots to do to prepare for tomorrow and I should probably be some level of productive.
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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2012|01:21 pm]
Next week is my last week of classes. Then I have my last final on May 9th right around the time my last research paper is done. I finish my undergrad education in a week and a half. :O

Then in 3 weeks I officially graduate! YAY! I can't believe I'm done but I'm so beyond thrilled at this point to be so close to the end. I have two more papers to write, a presentation, and a final. That's it. Part of me can't believe that I got this far and the other part can't wait to have a break. Break to me means just working. But even that will be a really nice change of pace. I almost feel grown-up. Almost. XD

I've been accepted as an alternate for the JET program but they won't tell me my place in line so I have no idea what my chances are of advancing. I'm still going to hold out for that but if not I'm thinking about moving up to NYC with my company. I've wanted to live in New York for several years now and about a year ago I almost dropped everything to just move up so it seems like the perfect opportunity.

I guess I should take that as time to say that I work at the Alamo Drafthouse now. :O I love my job and the people I work with. It's beyond amazing and I really hope to stay with the company for a long while. Hopefully even to New York. Right now it's riding on whether or not I get officially placed with JET and then if they want me to transfer up there in the first place.

Last weekend I was in Memphis for an archaeology conference. I'm still pursuing the idea of going to grad school to study archaeology. I'm debating doing my masters in the UK and then my PhD work stateside. Next year the conference is in Hawaii. I'm really hoping I'll be able to go.

My study abroad in Ireland was pretty great. Not a whole lot to say for it now since it's been a few months and it was only a couple of weeks but I'm really glad I went.

I think that's about it. I'm just really ready to be done with school so that I can focus on work.
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Semi-Annual Update Time! [Dec. 20th, 2011|12:49 am]
So, the second semester from hell is done. I took another 17 hour semester. On the bright side I only have to take the minimum hours next semester (which I'm doing since that's all I need to finish my degree, can I get a fuck yes?). Normally that's 12 hours to be considered full-time. Well, in your graduating semester at UT it's only 6. I'm taking 9 hours. I couldn't be more thrilled. 6 of those hours are required to finish my History major (I already finished Japanese and Anthropology). The other 3 hours are just bullshit but I really wanted to take an artsy class at UT before I graduated.

I applied to the JET Program. I'm still waiting on my background check to come in so that I can submit it to them. If I don't have it in by the end of January then my application is thrown out. :/ Here's to hoping it gets here in time. If I somehow (read: magically) get accepted into the program then I would be leaving in late July to teach in Japan for at least a year. If not, then I have a solid year off to plan for and apply to grad school. I'm thinking I'll be going to grad school for archaeology.

Speaking of archy, I'll more than likely be attending another field school this summer. This one will be in Belize working in a Mayan settlement. :D

In a couple of weeks I'm leaving for my study abroad to Ireland. I'll only be there for a couple of weeks but I'm excited. I still have to write that damn paper that's due for the first day. I've already finished the readings for it. I just have to find a way to not piss off my professor while still tearing the articles apart for the bullshit they are. That'll be fun. I just need to get on it. I suppose I'll work on that after Christmas. Or after I do my homework for work and watch all the new movies we're getting. But I'll probably need to do it before because between Wednesday and Christmas my theater is getting 7 new movies. We only have 11 screens. >.< This weekend is going to be utter shit. We'll be under staffed and incredibly busy. Joy. Meh well, that's why I'm applying for new jobs again. This time my schedule is way more open so I'm actually eligible for the hours I want.

Other than that I don't think much is going on. Graduate in May. Random roommate and family drama. But most of that is just consists of me whining a lot. Yep, that's about it.
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SIGNAL BOOST: SAY YES TO GAY YA [Sep. 16th, 2011|05:35 pm]
Originally posted by darkspirited1 at SIGNAL BOOST: SAY YES TO GAY YA
This comes from an article by rachelmanija entitled, Say Yes to Gay YA.
(click the link for the full article)

Our novel Stranger has five viewpoint characters; one, Yuki Nakamura, is
gay and has a boyfriend. Yuki's romance, like the heterosexual ones in
the novel, involves nothing more explicit than kissing.

An agent from a major agency, one which represents a bestselling YA novel in the same genre as ours, called us.

The agent offered to sign us on the condition that we make the gay
character straight, or else remove his viewpoint and all references to
his sexual orientation.

This isn't about that specific agent; we'd gotten other rewrite requests before this one. Previous agents had also offered to take a second look if we did rewrites… including cutting the viewpoint of Yuki, the gay character.

It's time to stand up and demand change. Spread the word everywhere if you are just as angry and outraged by this.

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(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2011|02:57 pm]
I bought a car about two months ago. A 2007 Chevy Cobalt. I'm quite happy with it. It's my first car that's actually mine and it has working A/C. :D

I start the field archaeology school in a week and a half. I'm pretty excited it's making my job hunt a huge pain though. :/ About a week ago I found out that I was one of four managers that corporate wanted to lay off. They had no reason for laying us off, they just want less managers on payroll. :/ So, I have 30 days left as a manager (like 20 at this point) and in that time I need to find another job. I've been applying to quite a few places but judging by how restrictive my school schedule can be I already know that a lot of those places won't work out so well. At the very least I can convert back to floor staff at my current job but that's a pay cut. :/ At least the floor staff peeps still like me and the managers who are staying won't give me shit. But still it's better to find another job that pays close to what I'm getting for now.

Enough mildly depressing crap. I'm going to the midnight of Harry Potter on the 14th. Not at Alamo cause we couldn't get tickets there (freggin website kept crashing on us). But we still nabbed some tickets to a midnight. I can't tell how excited I am though. XD It's a bit sad that this is the last one. It's oddly fitting though considering I'm fixing to graduate from college within a year.

Other than that, nothing is really going on. I can't wait to be done with school. I always plan to take a year off to do the JET Programme but I might even take a year off before that. I'll still be working but oddly enough that'll be some form of relaxing.
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2011|12:35 pm]
My cat has been sprawled across my stomach since I got back from my meeting at work. I think it's possible that she misses my attention. XD

Anywho, I figured it was about time for my annual post to LJ. I'm taking 17 hours, the max that UT will allow, this semester to try and make sure that I can graduate by May of next year. It's only been a few weeks and this semester is already kicking my ass. I'm not quite sure why but I'm pretty sure it's because I don't ever have a full day off and my usual school habit is to do things on my day off. :/ I think I'm going to have to talk to my boss and tell her that I'm working too much. I know she's not going to be happy but right now my professors don't seem to be very happy. My Japanese professor actually drew a sad face on my exam. :( On the bright side it's making me realize that I really have to stop slacking off in that class and actually start studying. Which sounds silly, I'm sure, but I don't think I've studied for a class since CSE. :/

I'm hoping to attend a local field archaeology school this summer. :D I'm actually really excited about it. All I need to do is get details. All I know is that it's about a month long and in the Austin area. Oh, and I think it's 6 credits. :D

I'm going in for an interview this Tuesday with OFA for an internship. I'm super excited. This is probably going to make me go crazy since I'm already going to school and working but I think it'll be worth it (assuming I pass all of my classes of course).

Other than that stuff (and having a heinous bitch for a roomate/potential in-law) nothing is really going on. That's a lie. I'm going to a Moulin Rouge sing-a-long this week. :D That will be a much needed sanity-break. :D
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Ramblings [Jun. 21st, 2010|01:33 am]
Wow, the last draft I had saved was from when I went apartment hunting back in March.

Anywho, I moved into my new apartment about a month ago and I pretty much love it. It needs to be stocked with more booze but we'll get there. It's a three bed, three bath and we each have pretty ginormous closets.

We're really close to bus routes so I can take the bus up to campus now. :D Yay for UT students getting free cap metro!

We even got a kitten. Her name is Calypso. Though we're not entirely positive that she is in fact a she. Meh, we'll just her Cal is she turns out to be a boy.

At work I was promoted to manager which is more fun than I was anticipating. It's also more of a pain than I was anticipating. But after I've been manager-ing there for a while I can apply for the Drafthouse and then I can dye my hair again! :D I was thinking about taking next semester off from work just so I would be able to dye my hair. There was the whole focusing on school thing, too. But the main reason is totally my hair. :X

Speaking of school, last semester really sucked balls. Well, the classes were awesome but I was in a completely different place and ended up paying pretty much no attention to school so my grades blew in a good number of my courses. I took Physical Anthropology and that completely ended my dreams of graduating on time. But in the good way...I think. I decided to triple major in Japanese, History and Anthropology with a minor in Religious Studies. It'll only take me like an extra year to do that. I was planning on auditioning for the Longhorn Band again. And/or getting back into choir. Hopefully this semester I'll actually get involved in school. It would be a nice change from being so involved with work.

Back on the social side of things, I'm planning on getting a tattoo in the next few weeks. :D The only problem is I'm not sure exactly what I want to get where. I know what I want. And I know where I'd like tattoos. But I don't know the combination.

I really wanna go to Fiesta Texas. I need to buy a season pass since it pays for itself in two visits and I plan on going more than twice.

I'm rambling a whole lot and I can't remember what else I wanted to talk about so I'm just going to shut up. :D
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Update time [Feb. 22nd, 2010|11:31 pm]
So...I realized I haven't posted in here in a really long time. XD

Probably the most interesting news as of late is that I was in a car accident about 4 weeks ago. I'm absolutely fine. It wasn't my fault at all. I actually won in like every way possible. Except for the obvious fact that bitch still hit me and took off.

So, I was in the far right lane. I was headed straight. But because a lot of people turn in that lane it was backed up a bit. Well I finally reach the line and turns yellow. I keep going because it just turned yellow and I'm pretty much already in the intersection. And then I notice the blue SUV (who had to pass me to get in that position) in the lane to my left has their right turn signal on and they're turning...right in front of me. I slammed on my breaks and if it hadn't been for the rainy weather I would've stopped in time. But my car slid and she hit me on the driver's side headlight. Her car slid (hahaha, my tiny ass car made her big ass SUV slide) but she regained control and just kept going. I got the first 3 of her license plate so I called the cops.

Now, just as a summary all of my wins:
1. She made an illegal right hand turn into me
2. I got a good chunk of her license plate
3. She did this at an intersection with a camera...right in front of the camera
4. At least three witnesses, that I know of, stopped or called to confirm my story
5. My car kicked her car's ass

I still have to find and fill out the form to take her ass to civil court. Which will be a ball unto itself.

Oooh and another fun fact! The insurance company this is going through is my brother's. USAA. She's going to have the military insurance company on her ass. Bwahahaha.

Umm, besides that, not a whole lot has really gone on. School and work are pretty much devouring my soul right now. I really shouldn't even be working this semester given what little homework I actually get done. But my po' ass needs the money. And my crazy ass mother is about to make me homicidal.

On a positive school note, I'm thinking about triple majoring. That means staying an extra year but I could totally do it. I'd me a major in Japanese, History, and Anthropology. And then I'd probably minor in Religious Studies because I have enough credits for that. xD I just REALLY want to major in Anthropology. And I figure if I'm going to have to stay a bit longer to do that I might as well just major in History too.

Fun fact, my anthropology professor's name is Dr. Kirk. And he's pretty much the most amazing professor I've ever had. I really like my TA, too. She's wicked awesome.

I'm gonna shut up now cause this seems to be getting a bit lengthy.
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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2009|03:28 pm]
I'm watching one of my all-time favorite SNL shows. I looove this skit. Man, what a great way to end this redunkulous week.

Bit about school...Collapse )

"In Jersey pumping gas is like preforming brain surgeryyyyy."

I effing love SNL.

Shorter ramblings about work...Collapse )

Maymester ramblings...opinions greatly appreciated.Collapse )

Jebus this is long. I'll shuddup now. :X
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2009|05:02 pm]
Wicked was amazing. But being the dumbass that I am I managed to screw up my feet pretty badly. XD;; So, I decide to wear my brown heels but because I was in a rush I walked my dog in them before I left. You can already see what a bad idea that was. Anywho, by the time I got to UT my feet were already aching pretty badly. On my walk to the Bass Concert Hall, I took them off. Even worse idea it turns out. I guess I forgot that this is Texas and walking around barefoot with the sun still out is a horrendous idea in the summer. By the time I got there I could already see a blister on one foot. But I ignored it and slipped my heels back on and went up to the seats.

After the show I barely get around the building before the speed, lack thereof really, of my walking annoys me enough that I peel off my shoes. I'm not really sure which would've been worse but walking at that point was damn near torture. UT really needs to invest in better sidewalks. Anywho, I didn't get a chance to look at my feet until I got home and I had about four blisters per foot. I couldn't even walk around my house. XD Luckily they're already healing pretty well. I can actually walk today even though every now and again it'll turn into more of a hobble. Meh well, school doesn't start until Wednesday. Everything should be relatively golden by then.

I registered for the Japanese Exam today. I take that Wednesday night. Leaving my Physical Anthropology discussion early so that I can make it but it was the only time that I could do it. I'm really nervous about the test. I keep worrying that it'll be like the AP test was and I'll just feel like a complete imbecile when I look at the paper. I've studied a little for it. Even went to Asahi and practiced some label reading, despite the fact that I don't know anywhere enough kanji to really understand most of the labels. But it's all good because I got some mochi out of the deal and pretty chopsticks. :D

I need to go to Hot Topic. I got a new laptop and since I hate the skin it comes with I'm gonna buy a lot of stickers to slap all over it. :D Not to mention there's a really pretty dress that HT has and I wanna see it. XD I think I might go do that today. :O
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Random Update Time [Jul. 19th, 2009|11:09 pm]
[Current Music |What's This - Danny Elfman]

Damn. I broke my shift key again. I really should invest in a new computer. Anywho! It's my night off so I decided I should upload some pictures and what better to do then update my LJ at the same time.

Blar. I have to charge my camera before it'll let me upload the pictures.

Highlights since last update:
Finished first semester at UT
Promoted to Shift Leader at work
Passed first round of auditions for Colorguard at UT
Went to Six Flags with my brother and friends
Went to HBP at midnight at the Drafthouse
Went to the wrock concert :D

Erm...I think that's about it. Besides the random events and excursions with friends. And ignoring the drama over the past six or however many months. XD

I applied for manager at my work. Applications were due Monday so we should be finding out pretty shortly who got the job. I don't think it'll be me. But I figured I'd apply anyways. On that note if by some miracle I do get the job, or really even an interview for it, I need to go shopping to get some actual business/formal attire. If anyone is up for that puhlease let me know because I would greatly appreciate the help.

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to get some tests done. My mum is convinced I'm anemic or that I have mono. I'm going to laugh really hard it they're like 'Nah, you're fine. Just get some rest.' Because 12 hours a night is never enough. ;)

And then on Tuesday I think I'll be going to the mall to get my hair cut. Mayhap I'll meet some people at the mall or just peruse on my own. Iunno. I do have to work that night so I'm not even sure if I'll be awake in enough time to go get my hair cut.

Blah there wasn't even anything on my camera. Time to check my phone now.

Bwahahaha! Now everything is on my computer.

That's really all I can think of. Not a whole lot has been going on because I'm incapable of sleeping less than 12 hours. XD;;
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Titleriffic! [Feb. 18th, 2009|08:44 pm]
So, I went to The Killers concert on the 3rd or whenever it was. It was major awesome. I have most of the pictures on my computer but I have yet to go through them to see which ones are good enough to post and what not. I'll get around to that eventually and I should post them on here. I'm just a bit on the slow side since school and work have me really tied down.

Basically all that has been going on lately is school and work. I've been trying to balance other things but it gets really hard when I have to read an entire book in a couple of days and I'm a notoriously slow and retarded reader. But whatever I'm doing alright and I'll get used to working again. XD

I went to the Clinton Global Initiative University Plenary that was held at my school. :D Free tickets to see Bill Clinton speak. Natalie Portman was one of the panel guests but imho Bill Clinton > Miss Portman.

My classes this semester are really awesome. I'm really loving Cultural Anthropology. I have a quiz in it on Friday though so I'll see how much I love it then. XD

Erm, I honestly think that's all. I'll just try and get those pics up soon. :D
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My First Presidential Election... [Nov. 4th, 2008|11:11 pm]
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Happy Halloween!!! [Oct. 31st, 2008|05:38 pm]
Happy Halloween guys!

I hope it's been awesome so far and that it continues (or starts) to be!

And just a little something that's in the spirit of the holiday. Or at the very least awesome. 8)
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Plans are finally turning into concrete [Oct. 18th, 2008|04:11 pm]
I was just accepted into UT Austin! So it's all official now, I'm moving back there for the Spring Semester. And that means my bosses can't hold off my promotion anymore. 8) Which I'm demanding like the second I get back. That and a really nice raise. They love me so they'll do it not to mention I do believe they're planning to do that anyways.

Anywhosizzle, today is Fall Fest at my school. My floor's theme was America's Next Top Model so I stole the theme Japan. I mainly did that because I'm lazy and it was much easier to just scribble things in Japanese writing all over it. I had to wake up early for the interaction even though it started almost two hours after the time we were originally told. And then we ran to the games. We managed to not place in any game except for the last one. The last game was greasy pumpkin, which entails passing a pumpkin slathered in Crisco under your legs or over your head. We won first place in that one. It was one of the few games I actually participated in. 8) We were really happy to finally place and to get first on top of that. Fall fest is almost over but in a little bit I'll be heading over to the Gym to work it for the Nutrition Club. I think I'll go take a shower first. >.>

That's pretty much been my weekend so far. Tomorrow is going to be sleep and midterms with a bit of homework. YAY! college.
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Mmm Controversy [Sep. 28th, 2008|03:39 am]
Apparently ControversialCollapse )
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Geek to the Core [Sep. 20th, 2008|12:58 am]
I'm hungry. And I'm listening to Snakes on a Plane by Cobra Starship for the third time in a row.

Why yes, I geek much. 8)

So, I realized earlier tonight that I really shouldn't go back down to Austin for Thanksgiving Break. Why? Well because it goes like this: Thanksgiving break, a week of classes, finals week. And then I'd be going back home. It's a bit silly to spend hundreds of dollars to go back home for a week when I'll be going back home for a considerably longer amount of time just two weeks after that. Now I'm hoping that I can go down to Austin a bit earlier. During out break from October 11th to 14th to be more specific. I'm not sure if it's a good idea. But if I don't come back at all this semester then I risk being maimed by more than a few friends. o_o Not to mention one can only handle so much of Jersey. And I was looking for a good excuse to go home a bit earlier. One that last more than a weekend and involved me missing no classes.

Four times. 8)

On another topic, I went to a filming of The Daily Show on Tuesday! Ricky Gervais was the guest. And it was a REALLY fun show. Jon Stewart was forced to talk to the audience for like thirty minutes, as opposed to a normal two minute deal, because the equipment was being a bizznatch. But it was totally worth it. We were only like 15 minutes late getting out of the studio and I would have totally stayed longer. Jon was highlarious as was the guy who opened up for him though I forget his name. >.> Anywho, it was great fun and I really want to go back. Like now. Like right freggin now. Then again I suppose I could reserve tickets again and just go the next date open. They're booked solid for the next year. But they have an opening for the 29th of this month. oO Too bad it's a Monday and I have class until 2 and I would have to be up there by 4:30. X/ I dunno if it's still open in a few days I might just skip class. <.<

Shameless and rather pointless but fun plug: http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/index.jhtml?episodeId=185157

I got some new clothes today! A new zip-up hoodie (I didn't have a zip-up and really wanted one, which I finally found!), a new jacket (I really didn't need that but I'm in love with it so it's ok), two new shirts (shirts are never bad imo), and a new pair of heels (I really didn't need those either but these are really comfy and they look like amazing)! I'm very happy with everything, minus the pants but I'm returning those, and now I have more clothes to wear while I'm up here!

And that's all for now kiddos. I'm off to go back to never spending my money on myself again.
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Meme Fun [Sep. 10th, 2008|02:55 pm]
01. What are your nicknames?
Ed, Baka, usually variations of Ed.

02. What clothes are you wearing at the moment?
My awesomely autographed jeans, black laceless converses, Gryffindor shirt.

03. What fandom(s) are you into at the moment?
Harry Potter and that's pretty much it. But people are trying to pull me into Twilight.

04. What is your favourite scent?
Pumpkin spice. Mmm.

05. What video games are you playing at the moment?
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I got a DS just to play Phoenix Wright.

06. What do you drink the most?
Water. Actually it's all I drink. I rarely ever get anything else to drink.

07. Do you trust easily?

08. What was your first big fandom?
Hahaha. Neopets. Or Harry Potter.

09. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
That Italian Exam I just took. I'm pretty sure I bombed the shit out of it. X/ And Fairleigh never letting me know if I got the class I wanted. It's been over two weeks now.

10. Do you have a good body-image?
Not really.

11. What games are you anticipating?
Umm...none. :X

12. What websites do you visit daily?
Forums, Cyanide and Happiness, E-mail, Facebook, Myspace, LJ

13. Who are currently the most important people to you?
My friends and family. Same old, same old.

14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
The lovely Tari? I think she's sheer awesome in a box. :D

15. What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
Erm, This is Halloween...I think. I get a lot of songs stuck in my head.

16. What's your favourite item of clothing?
Probably my ridiculously purple St. Stanislaus shirt. That or my converses. 8) I heart them so very much.

17. What's better: to give or to receive?
Giving. I always feel really awkward when someone gives something to me. :X

18. What turns you on in the opposite gender?
Intelligent humor. :O

19. Is there anything you want so bad right now?
Umm, for my books to read themselves to me. Or to just know everything I will ever need to know for any purpose. I really don't feel like studying. X/

20. What should you be doing right now?
Attempting to learn Italian before my prof finds out how horribly we did on the exam.

21. Do you always use conditioner when washing your hair?
Yes, just ask Rose. She's the one who made me start doing it again. :P

And just for the technicalities, I tag whoever wants to do it.
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Dorm Life [Aug. 25th, 2008|08:43 pm]
I finally got everything out of storage tonight. And now it's all unpacked and placed, kind of neatly, in my room. I'm rather proud of myself. I hauled a 56 pound suitcase around New Jersey with me and only got three, rather wimpy, blisters on my fingers. And then the very next day I succeeded in moving all of my stuff, even that heavy-ass trunk, to my room by myself. :D

I'm incredibly sore now but I'm very proud of myself and I only have one class to go to tomorrow so it shouldn't be too bad.

I had two classes today. I slept through the one at 9am. But pulled my sorry ass out of bed for the one at 2pm. I'm a little surprised I slept that long, I went to bed at 7:30pm last night, but I hadn't slept in at least 36 hours and I was insanely tired so it does make sense. And it didn't help that all I had to sleep with was my robe because my pillows and bedding were all locked in storage. Which is probably why my neck and shoulders are extremely sore. Nothing a hot shower can't help.

Anywho, the last two days have been very busy and it looks like tomorrow is going to be pretty busy too because of all the class adding and dropping I need to do. But it'll all be worth it if I have nothing to do when the weekend comes. *nods*

Now it's time to start getting ready for sleepy bye. Though I probably won't get there for another three hours or so.
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Summer [Aug. 6th, 2008|09:35 pm]
I work too damn much. And yet I have next to no money. Minimum wage sucks ass. Well, at least I'm up for a promotion. AND I just discovered that I can free movie tickets while I'm up in Jersey. 8) Only at my theater company of course but still worth it considering going into NYC is pretty much the only thing to do anyways AND there's a theater at Times Square that just so happens to be my company.

Anywho, I'm actually looking forward to going back to school in the fall because at the very least I get a break from work and I can get some stuff sorted out. And by stuff I mean finally relax. And have nothing to do. I kind of miss having nothing to do. Meh well having an income is more important.

Today was errand day. I got a lot of stuff done. Hair cut, shoes on sale bought, all that good stuff. But I woke up far too early so now all I want to do is go to sleep. And I think I'm about to finally do that. Yaaaaaaaaaay.
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